About Us

Millions of tourist visit Singapore every year, and the numbers keep growing year after year.  Now Singapore-based businesses can cost-effectively make themselves available to these millions of tourist and sell their products and services locally and globally to those millions of tourists while making it easy for the tourists and locals to easily find, make online purchases and navigate right to your business’s front door.

Shop Singapore Online (SSO.SG) is an ONLINE PORTAL, SEARCH TOOL and NAVIGATION TOOL created to allow Singapore-based businesses to advertise and sell their products and services to both the local Singaporean population and to the millions of tourist that visit each year and return back home the WORLD abroad!

As the founder and one of the owners of SSO.SG, my wife (who is from Singapore) and I visited in the summer of 2013.  Coming to Singapore for the very first time as a foreigner I quickly realized that I was lost.  We had money to spend and time to travel but did not know where anything was.  We knew we wanted to eat at restaurants, go shopping for clothes, jewelry and shoes and do all of the normal things that tourist do but there was no app or guide that we could use on our smartphones to help us find and navigate to where we wanted to spend our money.

After returning back home to the United States, half a world away, it dawned on us that we still wanted to purchase items from some of the stores we visited and others that we did not have time to visit.  It quickly proved to be difficult to trace back to where some of those stores were when suddenly we came up with the concept of “Shop Singapore Online” and SSO.SG was born.  This concept would allow us to continue purchasing from Singapore-based businesses while we were away and serve as a Search and Navigation Tool for when we returned.

So whether you’re now living in Singapore or visiting as a tourist, or living across the globe, we want to encourage you to use SSO.SG to make it easier for everyone to Shop and Support local Singapore businesses online.